SPE Unicorn Ltd.

is a part of an international corporation involved in production of waste traps, WC connectors, fittings, as well as water filters and systems. 


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Lately added products

  • B730V

    for double sink, universal

  • В710V

    for double sink, multi-level

  • Т550B

    flexible WC pipe 550 mm

  • К110

    for washing machine, chrome

  • К100Н

    for washing machine, chrome

  • FCPF

    Polyphosphate Cartridge

  • K-ST

    Set of cartridges Water Softening"

  • Mag Filter

    Magnetic Water Treatment

  • FHN2Р

    10” Filter Housing for Cold Water (non-transparent)

  • FRO-7

    7-stage RO system

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Unicorn engineering

  • Unicorn engineering

    Equipment for the manufacture of plastic products.


    Delivery, installation and service.